Hindu Religion, Hindu Religion in Bharat, Hindu Religion in India, Hindu Religion in Auraiya

Hindu Religion is a dominant Eastern religion ranking third in the world.

What is Hinduism:

Hindu God

In simple words, Hinduism is a way of life, which helps you to liberate from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

In other words, Hinduism is a conglomeration of different doctrines and traditions mainly based on Vedas and modified from time to time by great saints without changing the basic teachings of the religion and the main aim of life i.e. salvation (liberation from cycle of birth and rebirth).

Some people define Hinduism as the way of life followed by people in India, which is only partially true. Though Hinduism was not a religion and was just a way of life followed by people of India and most of the Asia, it is now identified as a separate religion. There is no single book or a single doctrine, which can describe Hinduism. In order to understand Hinduism, you need to know all the streams of thoughts within Hinduism. Hinduism is a very vast religion and there are quite a handful number of books on which it is based. Lots of Hindu customs, traditions, and beliefs differ from region to region and climate conditions. There is a considerable difference between the Hinduism in scripture and Hinduism followed practically. In this article, we will describe Hinduism with minute details and everything that is related to Hinduism.


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